Introduction to Privacy Protection and AI in the US

“LANC Innovation Lab Presents – Introduction to Privacy Protection and AI in the US”

Wednesday December 13th, 2023

12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT

1 hour of Ethics CLE credit

1 hour of Tech CLE Credit

Cost: $65

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Program Overview:

This CLE will be a great introduction to Data Privacy Laws and AI. This presentation will introduce the audience to general concepts about privacy protection, such as (1) the risks of misusing personal information (PI), (2) the different classes of privacy, (3) the processing of personal information, and (4) legal sources of privacy protection laws. The CLE will also discuss the use of AI in the Legal Services field. Ethical rules that will be referenced are Rule(s) 1.15 – 1(d), 1.1, 1.4, 1.6, 5.3, and 5.5.


Cedric Pickett is an attorney, Tech Law Fellow, and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) Trainer at the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Technology Law and Policy Center. He holds CIPP certifications for the United States (CIPP/US) and Europe (CIPP/E). Attorney Pickett’s interests include data privacy laws, cybersecurity best practices, and privacy issues related to artificial intelligence. Attorney Pickett spearheads the Data Privacy Specialization for the NCCU Technology Law and Policy Center. The Data Privacy Specialization offers students classes, resources, and networking opportunities to prepare them for the evolving legal challenges of cybersecurity and emerging technologies. Under his leadership, he created and curated resources for law students and professionals to advance their careers in the data privacy industry. These resources include teaching two-credit hour courses that focus on data privacy laws and preparing students to pass the CIPP/US and CIPP/E exams, collaborating with the International Association of Privacy Professional’s (IAPP) Higher Education Program to offer self-study resources for data privacy students at an eighty-percent discount, identifying scholarships and conferences for students interested in data privacy, and establishing networking events such as an IAPP KnowledgeNet forum on NCCU’s campus. Attending law school, Attorney Pickett accumulated over a decade of experience in various capacities addressing emerging technology at NC State University, Schwab Performance Technologies, and KPIT (formally known as i-Cubed). Attorney Pickett received his undergraduate degree in Technology Education from NC State University. Attorney Pickett earned his MBA and JD from North Carolina Central University. 

Warren Savage joined Lawyers Mutual in 2005 where he is a Sr. Claims Counsel. He focuses on litigation, insurance law, appellate advocacy, criminal matters and professional responsibility in his work with Lawyers Mutual. A former partner with the law firm of Bailey & Dixon in Raleigh, Warren graduated from the University of Virginia and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before graduating from Campbell University School of Law. He spent several years as a high school English teacher before entering the legal profession.  Warren currently serves as a Councilor from the 10th Judicial District on the North Carolina State Bar. Warren has served on the State Bar Ethics Committee for many years, and he speaks frequently at CLEs around the state about professional responsibility and malpractice claims avoidance.