Dismissed Charge Records

Expunging Dismissed Charge Records


You must file documents with the clerk of court in the county where the charge was dismissed.

You must file one petition in each county.

If you have dismissed charge records in more than one county, you must file one petition in each county.


There is no deadline. You may file a petition at any time.


You must complete and file one petition. The form number is AOC-CR-287. Use one petition form for all of your dismissed charge records in one county.

If you need more room to list more dismissed charge records in the same county, or you want to list more arresting agencies, you must complete and file form AOC-CR-285.

You can download the forms from the NC Courts website using the links in the "Forms and Instructions" list below. You may also get free forms at the clerk of court's office in any county.


Download or print the instructions for each county. See the "Forms and Instructions" list below.


There is no fee to file this petition unless a charge was dismissed due to a deferred prosecution agreement or due to a conditional discharge and dismissal agreement. Please see the information for each county. You may ask for permission not to pay the fee. Please see the information about that in the instructions.

Not Guilty Decision Records

If you also have not guilty decision records, click here. For your convenience, you may wish to file a petition to expunge not guilty decision records at the same time that you file a petition to expunge dismissed charge records.

Forms and Instructions

Document Form Number
Instructions: Petition to expunge dismissed charge records  
Form: Petition to expunge dismissed charge records AOC-CR-287
Form: Expunction Petition Attachment AOC-CR-285
Instructions: Petition to Proceed as an Indigent  
Form: Petition to Proceed as an Indigent AOC-G-106
Form: Civil Affidavit of Indigency AOC-CV-226
Form: Criminal Affidavit of Indigency AOC-CR-226

Filing Instructions