Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Project


The Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Project, known as the MFP, is a statewide project of Legal Aid of North Carolina that strives to keep working poor and working families in possession of their homes and home equity.

By providing high-quality legal representation in foreclosure actions, the MFP saves homes, preserves credit ratings and strives to make prohibitive the cost of conducting business for unscrupulous brokers and lenders. The MFP also provides community education to increase awareness of home-finance best practices and the dangers of predatory lending.

The MFP collaborates with six other legal services organizations to form the Home Defense Project (HDP). The HDP saves homes and reduces foreclosures in North Carolina by securing loan modifications for borrowers and providing high-quality foreclosure-defense work in every county in the state. The HDP is funded in part by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation​. The six other members of the HDP are: