Pro Bono

Harnessing the Private Bar’s Spirit of Service for the Greater Good 

Our Programs

We have pro bono programs to fit all schedules, levels of experience, and interests in different areas of law. Learn more about our programs to find the one that’s right for you.

Our Team

Our Pro Bono Programs team is made up of experienced advocates, committed coordinators and other professionals, all of whom are dedicated to helping our volunteers help our clients.

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Don’t be a stranger! Whether you’re a longtime volunteer or just testing the waters, we want to keep in touch. You can connect with us by email, social media or at one of our regular webinars. 

Volunteer with us!

You’ve learned about our programs, met our volunteers and team members, and now you’re ready to make a difference. Sign up now to be a pro bono hero for North Carolinians in need. 

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