Legal Aid of North Carolina Launches First Legal Services Innovation Lab in the Country

Innovations in the Legal Field and Launch of Legal Aid of North Carolina’s New Innovation Lab Discussed on “Talk Justice” a Legal Services Corporation podcast

Raleigh, NC – Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scheree Gilchrist, was recently featured on Legal Services Corporation’s Podcast “Talk Justice” in an episode titled “The First Legal Aid Innovation Lab.”

During the episode, Scheree Gilchrist joined host Cat Moon, Director of Innovation Design for the Program on Law and Innovation, to discuss groundbreaking innovations within the legal sector. A key focus of the conversation was the inauguration of Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Innovation Lab, an initiative aimed at driving transformative change in the delivery of legal services.

The podcast episode also highlighted guests Ashley Campbell, CEO of Legal Aid of North Carolina, and Jeff Kelly, partner at Nelson Mullins and chair of the advisory board for the Innovation Lab. The conversation revolved around the significance of innovation in fostering broader access to justice and addressing disparities in legal service delivery, particularly in rural areas.

Scheree Gilchrist highlighted the pivotal role of the Innovation Lab in shaping the future of legal aid, saying, “The Lab for us is really the vehicle by which we believe we will be able to fulfill and sustain the vision we have of being an innovative, efficient, and inclusive legal services provider.”

The mission of Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Innovation Lab is to revolutionize the legal landscape by enhancing the delivery of legal services, expanding access to justice, and combating inequities in underserved rural communities. By fostering collaboration, technological advancements, and fresh approaches, the Innovation Lab aims to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities that often face barriers in accessing legal assistance.

Ashley Campbell expressed the importance of the Innovation Lab, saying, “We know that innovation is needed and necessary for us to provide access to justice to all the folks that need it.”

Legal Aid of North Carolina is dedicated to enhancing the quality and accessibility of legal services for all North Carolinians. The “Talk Justice” podcast episode is a testament to the organization’s commitment to innovation and its proactive approach in reshaping the legal landscape.

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