Day of Giving 2024

Day of Giving Toolkit: September 25, 2024

On September 25, 2024, Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) will host its annual Day of Giving, a special occasion dedicated to supporting our mission of providing essential legal services to those in need.

This year’s theme, #StandwithLANC, emphasizes the importance of standing together to support survivors, veterans, children, families, seniors, and all North Carolinians who require legal assistance, and are unable to afford it.

By participating in Day of Giving, you are not just contributing to a cause—you are standing with your local community, ensuring justice and support for those who need it most. Join us in this effort by donating, spreading the word, and participating in our virtual event.

Together, we can make a lasting impact and build a stronger, more just North Carolina. Click here to view our #StandwithLANC assets. See below for how to use them!


Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference.  Community support extends our reach toward closing the justice gap. You can donate directly on the Legal Aid of North Carolina website or give to a Day of Giving page sponsored by a friend, colleague, firm, or business. See Day of Giving page leaderboard here:

Spread the Word

  1. Save 10-15 minutes on your Sept. 25 calendar to share your passion for civil legal aid by reposting our social media posts, or creating your own, and sharing on your business, and personal social media!
  2. Legal Aid NC’s website and social media will share posts ALL DAY, so you can repost as many messages as you want to help us go viral.
  3. Use our Day of Giving hashtag: #StandwithLANC.
  4. Sample posts included in this toolkit. Click here to view assets.
  5. Print off our #StandwithLANC sign and take a selfie with it! Add a message about why you stand with LANC.

Create a JustGiving Page

  1. Share our statewide giving page with your network;
  2. Create your own team or personal page to share the impact of your office, special project, or favorite program!
  3. Your personal page can incorporate a photo and/or video.
  4. Create a brief, heartfelt message about why you #StandwithLANC.

Follow us and share our posts!

I #StandwithLANC because [Insert your why here!] Print off our #StandwithLANC sign and take a selfie with it!

Join me in standing with Legal Aid of North Carolina! Your support means standing with survivors, veterans, children, families, seniors, and all North Carolinians. Together, we can make a difference. #StandwithLANC

It’s Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Day of Giving, and I’m proud to stand with them. Let’s support access to justice for all North Carolinians. #StandwithLANC

By standing with Legal Aid of North Carolina, I stand with my neighbors, friends, and community. Let’s make justice accessible for all. #StandwithLANC

You can include a link to donate in your caption:

Print off this sign and take a picture with it! Post why you Stand with LANC.