CLE Calendar

We routinely sponsor free or low-cost continuing legal education sessions for attorneys who want to learn more about poverty law or become a pro bono volunteer.



Date CLE Title Total credits CLE type City
10/28/2021 A Twist on a Traditional DVPO 3.75 Webinar
10/21/2021 Cyber Tips for Staying Safe and Ethical in an Online World 1 Webinar
07/23/2021 Drive Forward NC - New Hanover 1.5 Webinar
07/14/2021 Eviction Prevention: Post COVID Legal Updates, Tips, and Strategies 2 Webinar
06/30/2021 Defending Summary Ejectment Cases 1.5 Webinar
06/16/2021 Representing Clients in Medicaid Service Appeals In North Carolina - Nuts and Bolts 1 Webinar
06/10/2021 An Introduction to Disaster Relief Advocacy 2.5 Webinar
06/08/2021 Drive Forward NC CLE & Training 1.5 Webinar
05/20/2021 Mental Health & Well-Being During COVID CLE 1 Webinar
05/13/2021 Disability Discrimination & the Fair Housing Act during the COVID-19 Pandemic 1.5 Webinar
03/11/2021 Expunctions: Review of the Second Chance Act 1.5 Webinar
02/22/2021 Family Law Foundations: Ancillary Financial Issues in DV Cases 2 Webinar
02/17/2021 Department of Social Services Appeals in North Carolina 1 Webinar
02/11/2021 "FEMA Basics" and "Getting Lost in Our Lives" 2 Webinar
02/10/2021 "Remote Legal Advocacy and COVID-19" and "Nuts & Bolts of Bankruptcy – Chapter 7" 2.5 Webinar
02/09/2021 "Fair Housing: Sex Discrimination & Harassment" and "Ethics of Data Privacy for Lawyers" 2.5 Webinar
02/04/2021 "Getting Lost in Our Lives" and "The Rule of Thumb:The Appellate Courts’ View of Domestic Violence Is “A’changing” 2.5 Webinar
02/03/2021 "Service and Assistance Animals in Housing" and "Remote Legal Advocacy and COVID-19" 2.5 Webinar
02/02/2021 "Professional Responsibility in the Time of a Pandemic" and "An Overview of the North Carolina Estate Administration Process" 2.5 Webinar
12/09/2020 Expanding the Fight for Equality: The LGBTQ Community and Housing Discrimination 3 Webinar
10/29/2020 Special Event to Commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month 4.5 Live webcast
08/05/2020 Overview of the NC Estate Administration Process 1.5 Live webcast
02/26/2020 Fair Housing and Sex Discrimination 1.5 Live webcast
11/19/2019 Legal Services Task Force Trainings 16 Live Clemmons
11/05/2019 How to represent a domestic violence survivor in a DVPO hearing 3 Live Raleigh
10/23/2019 Tangled Title: Heir Property and Disaster Recovery Efforts 1.5 Live webcast
10/10/2019 Psychological First Aid and Disaster-Related Trauma 2 Live webcast
10/01/2019 Storm Surge: Disaster response for attorneys 1.5 Live webcast
09/23/2019 Emerging Issues in Immigration and Child and Adult Welfare Law 6.5 Live Greenville
08/21/2019 Roadblocks to Driver’s License Restoration 1.5 Live webcast