Joseph Gartner

“The rule of law depends on public trust in the justice system and public trust depends on access to legal services.  That makes this the perfect moment for all lawyers to think creatively and collaboratively about how we can help build the future of legal services. “ – Joseph Gartner, Innovation Lab Advisory Board


Joseph “Joey” Gartner is a self-described “misfit lawyer” as he has spent his career working at the crossroads of law and technology. Joey started his legal career as a general practice attorney where he began to become aware of the challenges of modernizing the legal industry. Leaving traditional practice, he spent a decade in various legal operations roles at law firms, group legal service providers, and bar associations. Joey currently serves as the Director of the American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation. The Center for Innovation is the ABA’s home for collaborative thinking about the future of the profession. Joey is also staff counsel for the ABA Task Force on AI and the Legal profession.