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Create long-term impact. Representation can provide individuals and families with pathways to economic security, and opportunity. Monthly gifts offer consistent and reliable support so our advocates can continue serving vulnerable North Carolinians even when our projects are underfunded or overburdened. 

Spread your giving over the whole year. With monthly giving, you choose a gift amount that is best for your budget while making a big impact. 

Decrease administrative costs. Automated giving reduces the time associated with handling and processing charitable gifts. You can also choose to receive a single annual tax acknowledgement that summarizes your full year of support. 

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2023 Monthly Donors

Judge Richard B. Abernethy
Liz Adams
Dr. Mary Affee
Harry & Lesley Albritton
Miriam J. Baer
Shelby Duffy Benton
Francisco Joseph Benzoni
Savannah Hansen Best
Janet Ward Black
David R. Boaz
Lauren Bradley
Ashley H. Campbell
Christopher Carner
Candace Cain Casey
Ashley Chandler
Joseph B. Cheshire, V
Elliott Cohan
Toby R. Coleman
Amanda Marie Colley
Manuel Costa and Nancy T Park
Joonu-Noel Andrews Coste
Alexander Covington
Benjamin James Patrick Cross
Nicholas Dantonio
Victor DeMarco
Taylor Dewberry
James K. Dorsett, III
Nam Douglass
David Dreifus
Sean and Meredith Driscoll
Marybeth Dugan
Adrianne Edmonds
Elizabeth Egan
Taylor Ey
Olivia F. Fajen
Elizabeth Farner
Lenneka H. Feliciano
Diana Fenves and Danny A. Batiansila
Kristen E. Finlon
Tyler Gipe
Joseph and Iris Peoples Green
Judge Edgar B. Gregory
Grace Gregson 

Katherine Haddock
Lynda H. Hambourger
Christie Hartinger
Shelley Hoekstra
Danya Holtzman
Summer Rae Hopper
Jacqueline Terry Hughes
Natalia K. Isenberg
Justice Barbara A. Jackson
Charlie and Sarah Johnson
James R. Jolley
John Richard Keller
James Kiser
Lorna Knick
Meghan Naomi Knight
Matt Kopac
Robert A. Lang
Monica Lavery
Christopher Leming
Valerie Lewis
Melissa Elaine Little
Colin and Stephanie Lloyd
Jamey Mavis Lowdermilk
Karen Magri
Atif Mahmood
Anna Orsini Margius
Emily K. Mather
Alexander Patterson McCoy
Christopher Daniel McEachran
Kimberly Kooles McKenzie
Casselle Smith McKoy
Makayla Means
Laurent and Brenda Menard
Jim and Libby Mijanovich
Emily Moseley
Atiya Mosley
Amy Maria Mugweru
Robert Norton
Shepard O’Connell
David Ransom Ortiz
Annemarie Pantazis
Katherine L. Parker
Renee A. Parker 

Tamlin Pavelsky
Annalise Farris Perry
Annette Lynn Phelps
Kris Pickler
Cristina Fernandez Pierce
John L. Pinnix
Caitlin M. Poe
William Pugh
Steven Reinhard
Gina Reyman
Laura Jane Ritchie
Peter Rizzolo
William Allen Robertson
William Robinson
Theresa Joan Rosenberg
Carl Sanders
Kristina Schwartz
Laura Sell
Amelia Larrick Serrat
Patricia P. Shields
Jennifer Sikes
Claire Smith
Matthew Christopher Smith
Jenny Barnes Sneed
Sarah J. Somers
Linda Sreshta
Kendra Stark
Bailey Stinson
Christopher Stipes
Mary Stokes
M. Gray Styers, Jr.
Jessi Thaller-Moran
Matthew B. Tynan
Conrad Varner
John Ward
David Webb
Jessica West and Peter Webb
Sarah Westbrook
Sarah Wesley Wheaton
Devon White
Leigh A. Wilkinson
Katarina Wong
Kyle Woosley and Mary Nelle Smith