Kyle Coffino

Foothills (Morganton)

Judge Samuel J. Ervin III Fellowship

Why did you pursue a Legal Aid NC fellowship?

I sought a Legal Aid NC fellowship because I was committed to working with low-income populations and specifically wanted to work within the area of domestic violence. The fellowships that Legal Aid NC offers have a heavy focus on litigation and learning multiple areas of law within the 1-2 years working as a fellow. I liked the idea of becoming proficient in more than just my targeted area of law while also doing the work I was passionate about.

What does having a Legal Aid NC fellowship mean to you?

A Legal Aid NC fellowship affords me the opportunity to cultivate who I want to be as an attorney. My career is in its infancy, and with this fellowship I am learning new areas of law, honing my skills as a litigator, and developing my own lawyering style. The mentorship provided by a LANC fellowship is coupled with an independence to grow in a direction that I can be proud of, a combination that has me excited for the rest of my legal career and my future with Legal Aid of NC.

What is your favorite part about your job/working in your service area?

I love the culture and environment of the Foothills office. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working in this service area is being able to learn and grow as a community member through my work with our clients while also establishing a home for myself here.