Volunteer Wills Program

Help us meet the overwhelming needs of seniors in North Carolina who own property but have income low enough to qualify for Legal Aid NC services. Volunteers interview the client by phone, and prepare the will and advanced directives. Execution is completed either independently by the volunteer or in conjunction with a Signing Day clinic.

Volunteer types

NC attorneys; Paralegals; Notaries

Volunteer formats

Independent full service

Volunteer lawyer prepares will and advanced directives independently of Legal Aid NC clinics or programs and manages execution of documents.

Flexible partnership

Volunteer lawyer prepares will and advanced directives remotely and attends Signing Day in person or virtually to execute client documents.

Signing Day co-host

Firm or organization prepares wills and advanced directives for clients identified by a county senior center and fully staffs Signing Day. Contact our Pro Bono Programs team if your firm or organization is interested in co-hosting.

Signing Day paralegal or notary

Volunteer attends Signing Day to help execute documents.

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