Clarifying Ownership During Recovery: Heir Property and Family Trees

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Learn how Legal Aid can help with your disaster recovery. These sessions will focus more specifically on heir property, clarifying ownership of property, and family trees.

Heir Property and Family Trees
0:00 – About Legal Aid NC and the Disaster Relief Project
2:48 – Eligibility requirements relating to ownership
4:05 – About heir property and where it occurs during recovery
6:09 – Important definitions (will, intestate, testate, beneficiary and heir)
8:38 – What is “heir property”
12:48 – What doesn’t matter when proving ownership
17:35 – Who are the heirs?
18:47 – Constructing a family tree – examples of scenarios when someone dies without a will
26:55 – Contact the disaster relief project at 866-219-5262 or learn more at