Don’t Let Ownership Issues Stand in the Way of Recovery: Ownership and Heir Property during recovery

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0:00 – Introduction
1:40 – Who owns the home?
2:40 – Can you prove ownership?
3:43 – Get everything in writing.
4:21 – Property taxes are usually not enough to prove ownership
4:50 – What if my home was already damaged, but the legal owner is wiling to sign it over to me?
6:00 – What if the person on the deed has died? Can I update it? (NO)
7:00 – How do I know who owns the property?
7:25 – If there is no will, property passes to the people named by law – even if the original owner wanted it to go to someone else.
8:50 – Examples of what it looks like if there is no will
12:04 – My home is heir property. What does this mean?
13:15 – Can my relatives force me off the property?
13:49 – Filing for partition
14:29 – But what if I’m the only one who lives there?
15:00 – What if I pay the property taxes and all the bills?
15:23 – What if other people have nothing to do with the property, and I don’t know where to find them?
15:32 – What can you do if you’re in this situation
15:35 – Family tree
16:45 – Talk to a lawyer and each other. What is the plan for the property?
17:45 – Can I get disaster relief funds for heir property?
19:22 – Do my relatives have to sign over their rights before before I can get help?