How to file an appeal with ReBuild NC

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In this video, Legal Aid’s Disaster Relief Project provides information on appealing a ReBuild NC decision. What is a ReBuild NC appeal? What information should be included with an appeal? This video covers this and more.

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0:00 – Introduction – this video is specifically for those who have applied for ReBuild and disagree with the decision that is issued
0:28 – What is a ReBuild NC appeal
0:54 – ReBuild NC appeals policy (in a nutshell)
2:34 – Typically there are two main areas for disagreement with a ReBuild decision
3:08 – Tips about that to think about and do if you are found ineligible
5:14 – Information about a duplication of benefits decision
10:15 – Information about writing the appeal
11:38 – You submitted an appeal. What now?
13:39 – Need help? Call Legal Aid NC to learn about eligibility at 866-219-5262