Understanding ReBuild NC: Repair or Replace?

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Understanding ReBuild NC: Repair or Replace?
0:00 – Introduction
1:45 – About ReBuild NC
2:50 – Repair or replace?
3:14 – Type of home: Eligible and ineligible structures for ReBuild NC assistance
5:50 – Information about txtent of damage
7:20 – Putting them together: Type of structure + damage – Addressing the question about whether ReBuild NC will repair or replace. 7:20 – mobile homes, 10:30 – all other structures
14:45 – Takeaways
16:35 – Repair, replace and floorplans

If you need assistance with a ReBuild NC application or you have submitted an application and need assistance with the next steps, Legal Aid may be able to help. Call our helpline at 866-219-5262.