Women in Law – Women’s History Month 2023

Lesley Wiseman Albritton

Managing Attorney, Disaster Relief Project

There is no right way to be a “woman attorney.” Do not give in to any of the stereotypes that you may hear: that we are too aggressive or not aggressive enough, that we have to take time off when we have children, that we cannot advance in our careers and have children, that we need to have children at all, that we are inherently more compassionate or less compassionate than our male counterparts, that there are only two genders of attorneys. Rather, take time to learn and discover who you are as a person and a professional. And never turn down an offer of assistance from another woman – keep a hand up and an hand out at all times.

Lauren Brasil

Managing Attorney, Fair Housing Project

It’s been the privilege of my life to work alongside the immensely talented women of Legal Aid of NC, and to serve and help lift the voices of our clients, many of whom are women. Our clients are some of the bravest and strongest women I have ever met – single moms, survivors of domestic violence or sexual harassment, and women with disabilities – all simply seeking a safe home for their families. I am grateful to all these women and am humbled to be part of this work.