Assistance With Accessing Disaster Recovery Funds for Hurricane Florence Survivors

We can help Hurricane Florence survivors with disaster recovery program applications and appeals.

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Legal Aid of North Carolina’s disaster relief project helps clients with recovery assistance applications and appeals, including the ReBuild NC Homeowner Recovery Program through the North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency. If you are a survivor of Hurricane Florence who would like to learn more about how Legal Aid may be able to help with disaster recovery, we encourage you to call the Legal Aid helpline at 866-219-5262. 

How can we help?

When applying for assistance, Legal Aid may be able to help with:

  • Online filing if you don’t have internet service or email
  • Reviewing your application before submitting
  • Helping to collect the documents you need to be sent with an application
  • Any deed or title concerns that come up before submitting your application
  • Concerns about receiving assistance from more than one source that is used for the same purpose (Duplication of Benefits)

If you need to file an appeal, Legal Aid NC may be able to:

  • Talk with your case manager to understand why you were denied
  • Assist with writing an appeal letter 
  • Help you collect additional documentation that may be helpful in supporting your appeal

Other legal issues that Legal Aid can assist with may occur during the process of applying for recovery programs or receiving a decision from a program. We encourage survivors of Hurricane Florence to contact Legal Aid NC’s helpline at 866-219-5262 to learn if you qualify for Legal Aid NC’s services.

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