Pro Bono Spotlight: Dana Lumsden

We ❤️ our pro bono volunteers! Dana Lumsden, partner with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP in Charlotte, recently scored a big win for one of our housing clients.
In 2022, our attorneys helped our client settle an eviction case with her landlord. As part of the settlement, the landlord agreed to waive rent that was still owed by our client. Soon after, the landlord reneged and sought to claim the rent they had agreed to waive. We turned to Dana for help.

Dana immediately swung into action, filing suit in small claims court to stop the landlord from taking the rent, which was rightfully our client’s. After learning of Dana’s suit, the landlord relented, acknowledging our client’s right to the rent and agreeing to pay interest and attorney’s fees, an amount totaling more than $5,000—a huge sum of money for our client.
Dana is no stranger to pro bono. He serves as a Housing Champion for the Charlotte Triage Pro Bono Partnership, the Queen City legal community’s concerted effort to use pro bono to meet residents’ most pressing legal needs. As a Housing Champion, Dana helps direct the partnership’s services to our housing clients. In recognition of his pro bono service, the Mecklenburg County Bar honored him with an Individual Pro Bono Award last year.