Thank you for your request for assistance. Unfortunately, our staff cannot help you.

Legal Aid of North Carolina is a statewide non-profit law firm that receives funding from the Legal Services Corporation. We only provide help in a range of civil legal matters.  Due to our limited staffing, we do not handle child custody or visitation cases.

You might decide to take a custody or visitation case to court on your own.  Legal Aid of North Carolina offers free online workshops that might be helpful.  The LANC Custody and Visitation workshop takes place on the second Tuesday of the month from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.  There are two parts to the workshop.

You must register in advance to attend a workshop.  A workshop can help you learn about North Carolina laws, and how to file a custody or visitation case in court.  File means that you deliver court documents to the Clerk of Court to begin a court case.

The North Carolina courts have posted information on the internet about custody and visitation laws. You may find information about court procedures and more.  Please visit

NC Courts Custody Mediation and Visitation Program.  Generally, when you file a custody or visitation case, you and the other party must attend a negotiation or mediation program.  The free program is run by the courts.  For information about court mediation, please see:

Guide and File is a free online service of the North Carolina Courts. The service is offered for some kinds of cases. The program helps with information and forms. You can fill out and make court documents. Then you can file the documents with the Office of the Clerk of Court. For more information, please visit

Is visitation your goal?

If your goal is to have regular visitation with your child or children, the courts’ Access and Visitation Program might help you.  For more information, please visit or call 919.890.1211.

Are you a survivor of human trafficking or family violence?

Are you an active duty member of the US armed forces?

Before you decide to go to court about visitation or custody, we strongly recommend that you talk with a lawyer in private practice. 

Your application is closed. We are sorry that we cannot help you.  If you disagree with our decision, please see our grievance policy on our website at

If you have other civil legal problems,  You are welcome to apply for our help again.  We work with senior citizens, veterans, and low-income people.

Our program handles some kinds of civil legal problems.  We do not handle any child support, estates, traffic, or security deposit matters, or any active criminal or juvenile court cases.

To apply, please use the application at  Computers and free internet access are available at the public library.  If you cannot apply online, you may call 866.219.5262 toll free to apply.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We hope that this information is helpful.