General Education Advocacy

Complete Education Advocacy Toolkit

Education Advocacy in Action: A Toolkit for Parents, Students, Caregivers and Youth Justice Stakeholders

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This toolkit includes information about your student’s education rights. It also contains additional tips and tools you can use to ensure students get all the support they need and to which they are legally entitled.  You can use this toolkit to assist in your advocacy efforts on behalf of your students, and/or you can share it directly with other families for them to use in advocating for their children. 

Specific topics covered in the toolkit include: 

  • School enrollment
  • Intervention plans for struggling students, including MTSS and other regular education interventions as well as 504 Plans
  • Special education
  • School discipline
  • Bullying
  • Options for exercising and enforcing students’ legal rights

Education Issue Spotting Guide

Education issue Spotting Guide

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It can be difficult to know what your education rights are or where to start when your student is struggling in school.  We created this issue-spotting guide to help you determine when your student’s rights may have been violated and what steps you can take to learn more about those rights and how to advocate for them. This guide is a companion to, and is also included in, REP’s Education Advocacy in Action Toolkit.

How to Be Your Child’s #1 Advocate

General Education Interventions, Behavior Interventions & 504 Plans


Parent Power 101In this session, join a panel of parents for a lively discussion about their struggles and successes in advocating for their students.  In addition to sharing individual advocacy strategies, they will discuss their work to amplify the voices and concerns of other parents and students within their school system, and will provide concrete tips for parents seeking creative ways to engage and advocate in the coming school year.

Understanding MTSS and how it can support your studentIn this session, join school-based MTSS (multi-tiered systems of support) experts in a discussion about what MTSS is, how it should be operating in schools to improve overall school climate and student success, and how parents can most effectively advocate to ensure that their students are receiving individualized supports in the regular education environment.