Wilmington office honors pro bono volunteers

WILMINGTON—Our Wilmington office and the New Hanover County Bar Association have honored 33 attorneys and one law firm for providing pro bono legal services to our clients from September 2018 to September 2020. The volunteers were honored October 9 during the New Hanover County Bar Association’s annual meeting. The full list of honorees is below.

James L. Seay, III, an attorney with the Seay Law Firm, received the Addison Hewlett Jr. Award for exceptional pro bono legal services for his successful representation of Legal Aid clients in complex landlord-tenant litigation. His name will be added to a plaque in the New Hanover County Courthouse.

Addison Hewlett Jr. was a respected Wilmington lawyer who was elected president of the New Hanover County Bar Association in 1948. “Mr. Hewlett was a defender of the rights of the common man,” reads his bio on the website of Hewlett, Collins and Allard, LLP. “He never let a just cause go unchampioned. He never declined when the person could not pay a fee.”



  • Christopher K. Behm
  • Stephen J. Bell
  • Jillian C. S. Blanchard
  • Gina D. Cecil
  • Katherine A. E. DeLaura
  • Kathleen L. Eaton
  • Jamie S. Getty
  • Preston B. Hilton
  • Mark J. Ihnat
  • Alicia R. Johnson
  • Andrew R. Jones
  • Emily C. Jones
  • Heather D. Kaemmer
  • Gregory A. Kleva, III
  • Paula A. Kohut
  • Steven M. Laird
  • Sara E. Leopold
  • Miles C. Lindley
  • Aaron D. Lindquist
  • Marco P. Locco, Jr.
  • Jean S. Martin
  • Sarah E. Morin-Gage
  • Kyle J. Nutt
  • Susan Polizzotto
  • Jennifer M. Roden
  • James L. Seay, III
  • Gary K. Shipman
  • Paul R. Smith
  • Robert A. Solano
  • Miriam M. Thompson
  • Sandra D. Watts
  • William G. Wright
  • Thomas J. Zamadics

Law firm

  • Shipman & Wright, LLP