Bullying & Discrimination

Is your student facing bullying or harassment at school? 

Is your student facing bullying or harassment on the basis of their race, color, national origin, disability, or religion? 

Is your student facing sexual or gender-based harassment? 

Is your student with a disability struggling to learn or access the services and accommodations in their IEP or 504 Plan as a result of bullying or harassment? 

What action can you take if you have reported bullying or harassment, but the school has not investigated and/or taken steps to stop the bullying or repair the harm your student has faced? 

What are some other strategies to create a healthier/safer school environment for your student when bullying or discrimination happens?  

What community resources can you access to receive support in this process? 


This toolkit includes information about your student’s education rights. It also contains additional tips and tools you can use to ensure students get all the support they need and to which they are legally entitled.  You can use this toolkit to assist in your advocacy efforts on behalf of your students, and/or you can share it directly with other families for them to use in advocating for their children.


Trauma-Informed Strategies to Address Bullying – In this session, panelists will provide an overview of bullying protections in schools, including an overview of how the law defines bullying, what protections students have, and strategies for therapeutically supporting victims of bullying while also promoting a school climate that is restorative rather than punitive.